ns Grand Tour"s Jeremy Clarkson, ricardo Hammond y James may boast ns longest presenting tenure top top Top gear to date.

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Jeremy Clarkson has been named the nation’s favourite Top gear presenter in an exclusive poll, in which reader were asked to select ns best moderator in ns BBC show’s background since it’s 2002 reboot.

Clarkson was the runaway favourite – 50 per cent that readers named los former series host as the best Top equipment presenter, with quinientos treinta y siete votes actors in favour of Clarkson, whose current Amazon series Clarkson’s farm yard became un surprise hit previously this year.

Clarkson’s other presenter james May (nicknamed “Captain Slow” on the motor- series) came in second, with 13 per cent of the vote.

However, ns third member of los original trio of presenters, ricardo Hammond, was beaten to ns third-place spot by kris Harris, who scored doce per cent of los vote. By comparison, six período cent of respondent voted because that Hammond.

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Other entries in los Top gear poll contained Freddie Flintoff (five término cent), Paddy McGuinness (four período cent), Sabine Schmitz (four término cent), Matt LeBlanc (two término cent), Jason Dawe two per cent), Rory Reid (one período cent), and Eddie Jordan and Chris Evans (0 per cent).

Top Gear, i m sorry turns 20 next year, newly returned because that a new series featuring current presenters Flintoff, Harris y McGuinness, y kicked off earlier in ns month with los trio heading come the inglaterra Grand Prix to take it on a group of Formula One’s best drivers.

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Last year’s serie saw McGuinness choque a £250,000 Lamborghini Diablo whilst driving in Yorkshire, while Flintoff obtained into one accident whilst riding un motorised trike at Elvington Airfield in 2019.

The cool Tour’s Clarkson, Hammond and May boast the longest presenting tenure ~ above Top gear so far, fronting the much-loved serie from dos mil dos until 2015.

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Top gear airs top top BBC One. Looking for something else to watch? Check fuera de our t.v. Guide or visit our hub because that more Entertainment news.



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