Teatro Fernán Gómez Madrid

Fernán Gómez centrar Cultural del la mansiones is located on los most important art route in the city, in los heart of los Paseo ese Prado/Paseo después la Castellana district. Ns surrounding area is also casa to the país Library, the prado Museum, the Reina Sofía nacional Museum y Art Centre, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, the national Archaeological Museum y the Municipal conference Centre.

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The space offers un wealth that possibilities. The features two theatre halls, among which has actually an flexible layout, uno large exhibition hall covering 1,500 m2, y a corridor/foyer i m sorry is an idealistas supplementary to meet for any kind of event.

Its unbeatable location, versatility, facilities and large dimension make it uno unique venue because that corporate celebrations in downtown Madrid.* capacity varies depending on ns layout plan for ns event.

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Girau Hall

The Guirau Hall can hold up to setecientos treinta y seis people, y is offered as un venue for ns theatre"s main large-scale performances, dance y music programmes and children"s shows. Its triangular stage has un proscenium measuring 22 metres wide, with un depth of 10 metres to los cyclorama y a 5-metre arch, as well as an doméstico stage that 4.85 m.

This space can hold approximately between 174 (maximum) and 80 (minimum) people. The multipurpose style of ns hall has actually now been raised to administer greater freedom in terms of the location of ns audience and stage. The nuevo layout, with a length of veinte metres y a broad of 11 metres, allows for much more than one task to be hosted on ns same day.

The recent enhancements to los hall"s technological specifications have boosted that is soundproofing, achieving much better acoustics ideal to the new space, far better lighting y sound equipment and improved storage areas for machinery, sound and lighting.

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The two thousand cuadrado metres that make up los exhibition room are supplied for temporary shows of an excellent interest to the public. Ns themes chosen are mainly historical y educational. In recent la edad an initiative has been made to promote exhibitions committed to ns theatre arts.

The hall"s plentiful cuadrado metres was standing in contrast to that scant linear metres, allowing for an excellent versatility in state of putting together spaces come suit the different demands of every exhibition. Los hall is regularly compartmentalised, with as numerous as tres exhibitions being displayed at the same time.

Maximum capacity relying on layout: seiscientos people.

The doméstico corridor at Teatro Fernán Gómez is patria to ns famous map of ns discovery the America, i m sorry is situated behind the water curtain between ns theatre and Plaza ese Colón. This Corridor connects every of ns theatre"s spaces, including los two power halls too as los Exhibition Hall and the main foyer.

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With ns capacity for 250 people, its large size and versatility allow it to be used as uno venue for any type of sort that performance event or as uno supplementary an are for occasions held in other rooms in los building.

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