In 1920s Madrid, 4 women at the nacional Telephone empresa ring in transformation as they control romance, friendship y the modern workplace.

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Named Spain's ideal online show at the dos mil diecisiete Ondas Awards. Blanca Suárez won a Platino award for finest Actress in ns series.
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In 1920s Madrid, four women in ~ the national Telephone company ring in revolution as they regulate romance, friendship and the modern-day workplace.

Lidia is provided to being a thief, however now she should steal in stimulate to conserve her life. Various hopes propel each of ns women into los workplace.

Francisco offers Lidia a deal. Marga worries about what she observed at the party. Carlota's dad interferes con her life.

The police are dubbed in as soon as Lidia's identification is questioned. Francisco's mam is suspicious and asks Carolina because that help.

Marga makes uno lunch date with Pablo. Ángeles learns an ext about Mario's infidelity. Carlota's fantasies surprise her.

Carolina intimidates to expose who Lidia really is. Nombre de niño tells Carlota she must decidir about their relationship. Everything alters for Ángeles.

Lidia help Ángeles plan her escape. Carlota functions to get Sara released from jail. Blanco fights with his father.

The Cifuentes family mourns their loss. Lidia decides she have to be ethical with blanco about she identity.

The new rotary tecnología divides Lidia's loyalties, y she is compelled to choose in between Carlos y her friends.

Six months later, new management shakes things up, the friends commit a dark deed, Lidia deals with romantic backlash, and Sara reveals she true self.

As mil novecientos veintiocho turns into 1929, Lidia reports to a new boss, Carlota is blackmailed, Marga gets uno hidden surprise, and all three rush come Ángeles's rescue.

Lidia directs a cover-up plan, but un theft complicates things y Marga is later caught in un lie. Carlos and Francisco negotiate one alliance.

Marisol tries to journey Marga and Pablo apart. Carlota becomes suspiciously of Sara. Lidia notices a grave difference between Carlos and Francisco.

Sara discover a secret to Carlota. Ángeles learn Inspector Cuevas's weakness. Pablo shows Marga his undying love. Lidia helps end an operator strike.

Sara seeks medical advice. Lidia gets news the complicates her an option between Francisco y Carlos. Marga learns pablo is hiding ns delicate problem.

Lidia gets un tempting offer. Carlota and her friends respond to ns plea for help. Ángeles takes ns risky step in order to learn the witness's identity.

The police find ns body. Ángeles learn who's been spooking her. Francisco offers Lidia space, while blanco gives her a surprise. An arrest is made.

Carlota it s okay news around Miguel. Guilt-stricken Marga goes right into seclusion. Lidia learn Francisco has actually made uno decision. Ángeles finds herself cornered.

After a tragedy, Lidia fights for ns loved one, Carlota finds she voice, Ángeles works undercover y Marga discovers unanticipated things around herself.

Six month later, un catastrophic occasion deeply affect Lidia, Marga, Carlota, Ángeles y their love ones. Marga gets uno surprise visit representar an in-law.

With she friends' help, Lidia put her destinado a into action. Carlota decides what to do con her inheritance. Ángeles make the efforts to earn Pedro Guzmán's trust.

Lidia's desperation concerns Carlos and spurs Francisco to sell support. Marga helps Julio sheathe Pablo's job. Carlota finds a way come promote she cause.

Lidia y Francisco visit one orphanage to gather info. Symptom arise with Marga once Julio impersonates housebound Pablo, who sneaks regreso to work.

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Ángeles need to deflect Guzmán's suspicion of uno mole. Charlie learns his mother's car was sabotaged and confronts Lidia. Marga has uno horrible realization.

To safeguard her child, Ángeles accepts a trato with Guzmán. Un phone call gives Lidia uno hunch ~ above Eva's whereabouts. Carlota responds to her attackers.

Lidia turns los tables on she captor. During ns king's visit, those fighting for Carlota's cause take correct measures, forcing she to pick sides.

As the situation escalates, Lidia tries to get to Eva, Marga shocks Pablo, Carlota takes uno risk, Ángeles learns a truth y Francisco attempts a rescue.

Amid social changes in 1931, los friends get tangled in a murder mystery y must work together to settle it prior to one of castle is sentenced come death.

Carlota's nuevo political career faces un major obstacle as Marga suffers heartbreak. Meanwhile, Lidia returns to work and Ángeles pitches an idea to her.

As her memory starts to slowly come back, Carlota's friends shot to clear she name. Ángeles starts teaching classes. Lidia's former adversary returns.

Lidia y Carlos argue gastos generales a love one's tratamiento médico treatment. Óscar makes a shocking discovery around Dulce. Marga gets to know her boss better.

With Carlota's future feather perilous, Óscar beginning falsifying evidence to obtain her fuera of prison. Un different doctor offers Lidia nuevo hope.

The friends begin concocting a destinadas to free Óscar desde prison and Marga turns to paul for assistance. Carlos is surprised through his friend's condition.

Carmen creates ns deception while blanco continues to keep Lidia in the dark. Carlota tries desperately to escape from her captor.

Lidia is confused and hurt by Carlos's betrayal. An unlikely allied is enlisted to try to totally free Óscar. Carmen's calculating destinado a starts falling right into place.

When los prison rest is set in motion, ns team deals with unforeseen consequences. Lidia makes un heartbreaking decision in bespeak to safeguard Eva.

Lidia return to Spain to try y find Sofía with los help of her close friends, together they all grapple with ns consequences of the Spanish cortés War.

Lidia leaves nuevo York y returns to la capital española in find of Sofía, that has operación away to join ns Republicans in los Spanish civil War.

Lidia's friend — both old and new — assist her effort to force blanco to contact Sofía regreso from ns front lines. Polo looks for methods to protect against enlisting.

Óscar and Carlota risk their journalistic integrity in exchange because that helping Lidia con Sofía. Marga drops ill while correr a danger errand.

Carlos and Lidia encounter problem in their search for Sofía. Carlota visits los western front con James, to Óscar's chagrin. Polo goes missing.

When la villa de madrid falls to los Nationalists, Lidia y most of she friends must challenge widespread grief and devastation, con long-term consequences.

When Lidia's biggest competidor uses uno prison acampar to spreading revenge, Lidia y her friends become even an ext defiant in your fight versus Franco's regime.

Lidia's defiance it s okay her right into trouble at los prison camp, while Francisco concocts a destinadas to totally free her. Marga confides her secrets to Isidro.

Lidia is desperate to save her imprisoned friend. Elisa discloses Carlos' fate. Marga realizes that betrayed her. Carmen targets Lidia's loved ones.

Elisa reveals un startling secreto as more of Lidia's friends room endangered. Sofía turns to an old girlfriend for help protecting los prisoners representar Carmen.

An unanticipated ally seeking the ultimate revenge helps Lidia try y enact her destinadas to totally free all los prisoners representar the women's prison camp.

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When the por último phase of their escape destinado a is threatened, Lidia, Carlota, Marga and Óscar make uno momentous decision together.

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