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Rick Harrison"s ellos eran Jake lastly made an illustration on Pawn Stars, popping increase in los episode that aired on Monday, march 29, 2021. Since he"s so lot younger 보다 Rick"s other son Corey (aka "Big Hoss"), Jake hasn"t popped increase on the reality TV serie before. Currently that Jake"s old enough to pick up a summer job, he made decision to check fuera de the World renowned Gold & silver- Pawn Shop that"s made his late grandfather, father, brother, and family friends family members names.

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The teenager follows in his father"s footsteps in an ext ways than one — however, he"s obtained a saturado head the hair compared to Rick"s absence of luscious locks. If there"s plenty that ns public knows about Corey (who practically left Pawn Stars himself) y even part information around Rick"s ellos eran Adam that wasn"t interested in ns pawn shop life, Jake has actually remained ns mystery.

He hasn"t been in the spotlight much, i beg your pardon is also due come his age, but there are un few things ns public does know about Jake, the estaban of Rick"s 2nd wife Tracey. In between public appearances and some information representar the show, over there are a few truth about ns teenager el fin there.

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Jake Harrison is hardly uno pawn shop pro, yet he does show some promise on the most recent episode of los series. Once Rick teaches Jake how use un heavy-duty magnifying glass tool well-known as a loupe, the teen is may be spot ns difference between un fake Rolex y a verdadero Rolex. In ns scene, Rick simply asks Jake what looks monster on los green component of los fake Rolex. Jake found ns green paint fairly quickly, something that un lot of people would more than most likely never notice. Even Austin "Chumlee" Russell didn"t an alert when he erroneously bought the item at los price of a verdadero Rolex.

Their commonalities don"t avoid there, as ns father and son pair both supported former U.S. President Donald Trump. They to be photographed con Trump espalda in 2018, leading many civilization to believe that Jake is ns Republican favor his father and brother Corey. He also seems to enjoy videos games, viewed playing with los rest of los Pawn Stars squad at the fin of ns episode.

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Only tiempo will call if Jake will certainly become un permanent member that the Pawn Stars crew in the future, or if he"ll heed Corey"s advice around finishing school and not getting "trapped" at the shop for his whole life.