Puerto Arenys De Mar



Location and winds

Coordinates: 41º 34’ N 2º 33’ EWinds: Levant (E), Garbí (SW)


Depth the fairway: 21mDocks: 2Number the quays: 5Total lenght that quays: 2,314m

Pedagogical itinerary in the fishing harbour

 Pedagogical itinerary in los fishing harbour that Arenys ese Mar


By roadFrom barna take los N-II o la C-32 to Arenys después Mar. Representar Tarragona and Girona take the AP-7 y then take los C-32 to Arenys del Mar.

By railTrain station

By airBarcelona Airport: 57,6 kmGirona Airport: 51,7 km

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Interactive map

Facilities y services

Fishing harbour

P11,5 m152 ml
P23 m252 ml
P34 m273 ml
P44 m99 ml
P54 m219 ml

Fishing industry services: 

Fishermen’s guildOily fish market: 633m2Fish market: 1,799m2Fishermen’s huts: 1,750m2Number the huts: 54Ice markets: 100m3 / 1,855m3Number the boats: 56Fishing volume (2019): 1,827,754kg


N1 1,5 m 119 ml
N2 2,5 m 86 ml
N2a 2,5 m 31 ml
N3 2 m 113 ml
N3a 2 m 33 ml
N4 2 m 103 ml
N5 1,5 m 60 ml

Number of berths: 611Lengths: 6-20 m

Port facilities




Tourist OfficeRiera del Pare Fita, 808350 Arenys ese MarTel: +34 937 957 039turisme

Port subsectors



Creuer TurísticPau Casals, 1, 3r,1a08358 Arenys ese MuntTel: +34 937 946 134Tel: +34 617 cuatrocientos veintiuno 414

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Emergency services

Health services

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