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Back in 2014, los Marvel Comics superhero team "Big Hero 6" arrived on ns big display with un family familiar twist desde Walt Disney vitalidad Studios. The película followed uno young robotics prodigy named Hiro (Ryan Potter) in ns fictional ciudad of smo Fransokyo. After his older brothers Tadashi tragically dies, Hiro is left con Tadashi"s enthusiasm project, an inflatable robot called Baymax (Scott Adsit) designed to take care of people. But when Hiro to learn of a dangerous plot tied come his brother"s death, he transforms Baymax into ns crime-fighter and teams up with an ensemble that high-tech heroes to save los day.

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"Big Hero 6" was a huge fight at ns box office, pulling in virtually $658 million. Even con an estimated spending plan of $165 million, that"s a great success because that Disney. For this reason why haven"t us heard something about uno sequel gift developed? Is over there still un chance because that "Big Hero 6" to get uno big screen follow-up after seven years? the short answer is yes, yet it doesn"t sound likely to occur in ns near future.

Walt Disney animación Studios
Even though un "Big Hero 6" sequel hasn"t made that to ns big screen, los superhero team ongoing their adventures in "Big Hero 6: los Series" on Disney Channel y Disney XD. The series, which to be created con hand-drawn 2D animación instead that 3D computadora animation, kicked off with "Big Hero 6: Baymax Returns," uno 43-minute illustration that acted as an extensive pilot because that the series that would certainly follow. Picking up after the occasions of the movie, Hiro (Ryan Potter) y Baymax (Scott Adsit) again teamed increase with Go walk Tamago (Jamie Chung), Wasabi (Khary Payton, instead of Damon Wayans Jr.), love husband Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez) and Fred (Brooks Wheelan, replacing T.J. Miller) and embarked ~ above high-tech adventures together they defend their ciudad from range of scientifically intensified villains.

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"Big Hero 6: The Series" lasted numero 3 seasons, though ns third season come with ns shortened bespeak of just diez episodes, every averaging around 11 minutes in length, together opposed to the traditional 22-minute episode length of los previous two seasons. The serie came come an end on February 15, dos mil veintiuno with cast members confirming that the series would not be return for ns fourth season. But that"s no the end of the road for "Big Hero 6."

Last December, throughout Disney"s big Investor"s trabaja livestream event, Walt Disney dibujos animados Studios announced advancement of a new animated series called "Baymax!" that would certainly be exit on Disney+. Slated to come in 2022, the series will monitor Baymax working as uno nurse around smo Fransokyo. It doesn"t sound choose that serie will feature much superhero action, but maybe we"ll see Baymax"s standard medical care interrupted by uno variety that villains. Climate again, he might just end up handle with uno variety of medical mishaps. 

Unlike "Big Hero 6: The Series," the nuevo "Baymax!" admitir will be created by Walt Disney animation Studios, making this their very first ever tv series. Typically, they only producido feature size animated films, with Disney Television animación handling any type of spin-offs that can come representar the large screen.

It"s no clear if "Baymax!" will certainly acknowledge los events that "Big Hero 6: The Series" or if the nuevo series has the potential to command into a big display sequel, but at least "Big Hero 6" fans will have something to hold them gastos generales while they wait. Unfortunately, they can be wait a largo time.

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Walt Disney vitalidad Studios
As of now, over there isn"t ns "Big Hero 6" sequel in active development. Even after the film was exit in November 2014, directors patrón Hall y Chris Williams weren"t keen on getting uno sequel off ns ground because they were so exhausted desde finishing ns first one. Speaking con Creative Screenwriting in February 2015, room said:

"It was really fun, however it was largo hours, y it was pretty intense. It"s ns pretty emotional time for us. This are personalities that we"ve grown come know very well, currently it"s tiempo to let walk of them, y they"re walking into los world without us. We"re in the middle of that phase. So we haven"t talked about or thought about any sequels or anything like that."

Williams echoed those sentiments, saying, "We desire to acquire through the launch of ns film, take some hora off, y once we"re uno little much more rested, we"ll have more time to think around that type of thing." but Hall left any sequel discussions on ns slightly an ext hopeful note by adding:

"Having said that, that course, we love these characters, y the assumed of working con them again some día definitely has its very nice ... needs to feel choose a story that really needs to be told, or deserves to be told. It can"t just be cashing in on the success of uno previous film."

Since then, los most recent discussion about uno "Big Hero 6" sequel came representar Zach Parrish, that was head of vitalidad on los movie. Though he didn"t offer any updates on a sequel coming together behind the scenes, the told Collider, "I think there"s still ns lot the potential. There"s tho plenty of time. The beauty of animation is that deserve to pick up the story at the very fin of "Big Hero 6," or we could jump in time. We might go wherever we want, since it"s animation."

Animated sequels commonly take longer to come together, mostly since of the largo production process vitalidad requires. Since ns sequel to "Big Hero 6" isn"t also being occurred right now, it will be a largo time prior to we see un follow-up happen. For now, entusiastas will just have to hope there"s enough interest come revisit this superhero team sometime debajo the road, y they can see what Baymax gets as much as in his own series next year.