Best Places To Exchange Money In Saigon Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Setting your feet onkhổng lồ Vietnam, or any foreign country of all, you are going to need money lớn complete all the transactions. With all the initiatives lớn push for the wide application of cashless transactions, Vietnam is getting to the state where most transactions are done by cards or di động apps. However, it is still far away. Vietphái mạnh is still definitely not a cashless country. So we sincerely advise aspiring travelers lượt thích you khổng lồ always have some cash on you for the everyday transactions that you will have sầu once you are here, especially if you"re interested in authentic local experience. And these are some good money exchange spots in Ho Chi Minch City for you khổng lồ consider.

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Money exchange spots in Ho Chi Minh City

Airport & Banks

Uponarrivalat Tan Son Nhat Airport, you can see the exchange place with a huge sign saying "Currency Exchange". These spots are notorious for having a bad exchange rate. You will usually get the lowest rate out there here. If it is absolutely necessary to lớn have sầu some Viet Nam Dong, paying for a xe taxi or bus for example, then you could get a small amount of money there, but no more than that.


A money exchange kiosk & an ATM at Tan Son Nhat Airport

Banks are everywhere and they are very competitive in offering Viet Nam Dong at the best rate. The popular big banks that you should note are Vietinbank, Vietcombank, Agribank, Ngân hàng Đầu tư và Phát triển Việt Nam, etc. Alongside with them are the ATM positioned all around Ho Chi Minch City, you should have sầu no problem spotting one especially around the downtown area in District 1,backpacker streetslượt thích Bui Vien or Pham mê Ngu Lao.



Tourist-centric places like Nguyen Hue Streets or Saigon Square will most likely have sầu money exchange services

Gold shops

Now here is some street knowledge. Gold shops are one of the best ways to exchange money in Ho Chi Minch City; you can get the best exchange rate, & get the bang for your buck. Here are some addresses for you lớn consider.

District 1

2 Nguyen An Ninch Street, District 1Opening hours are from 8:00 AM khổng lồ 8:30 PM, daily

The exchange rate as of August 1 is USD 1 = VND 23,430; EUR 1 = VND 27,280; GBP 1 = 30,600


Ha Tam Gold Shop

1A Nguyen An Ninc Street, District 1Opening hours are from 7:00 AM khổng lồ 10:00 PM, daily

The exchange rate as of August 1 is USD 1 = VND 23,430; EUR 1 = VND 27,320; GBP 1 = 30,500


Mai Van Gold Shop

We strongly recommend these two spots for their favorable exchange rate, & getting there is simple. It is at the beginning of Nguyen An Ninh Street which is opposite from the West Gate of Ben Thanh hao Market. The West Gate is on the left of the Le Tkhô giòn Ton Street.


Ben Thanh khô Market West Gate

176 Le Tkhô hanh Ton Street, District 1Opening hours are from 7:00 AM lớn 9:00 AM, daily

The exchange rate as of August 1 is: USD 1 = VND 23,000 but USD 100 = VND 2,330,000; EUR 100 = VND 2,750,000

This is one of the aforementioned spots that will give a better rate based on how much you are exchanging. The more you give them, the better exchange rate you get.


Xuan Hung Gold Shop

Binch Thanh khô District

312 Bui Huu Nghia Street, District Binh ThanhOpening hours are from 7 AM khổng lồ 7 PM, daily

The exchange rate as of August 1 is: USD 1 = VND 23,000 but USD 100 = VND 2,341,000; EUR 100 = VND 2,724,000

This gold siêu thị is in the Ba Chieu Market area, left-h& side. Bui Huu Nghia Street crosses with the Vu Tung Street.


Mi Hong Gold Shop

4 Phan Van Han, District Binc ThanhOpening hours are from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, daily

The exchange rate as of August 1 is: USD 100 = VND 2,342,000; EUR 100 = VND 2,7trăng tròn,000

Crossing Thi Nghe Bridge down towards Xo Viet Nghe Tinc Street, Phan Van Han Street is on the right side of the intersection. Also if you don’t turn right và keep walking on Xo Viet Nghe Tinch Street, you could spot a Vietinbank.

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Klặng Phat Thi Nghe Gold Shop

Binch Thanhis also a very bustling district. If you found yourself coming there, those are some exchange spots that you can look for. Binc Tkhô cứng is right next lớn District 1. To get there from Le Thanh Ton Street, it takes approximately 1 hour of walking or just less than 30 minutes on a motorcycle. Roughly the same amount of time applies lớn travel from the Tan Son Nhat Airport to Binc Thanh hao District. On one of the routes from District 1 khổng lồ Binh Thanh hao District - Nguyen Thi Phố Minh Khai Street, you can spot the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The entrance is just a hair away from Thi Nghe Bridge.

Tips và Procedures


If you got patience and time, it’s best to lớn thoroughly inquire about the exchange rate of each spot. There are many money exchange spots in Ho Chi Minh City, but of course, not all of them offer the same rate. To get the best rate, you should collect information by inquiring about the exchange spots about their exchange rate. Then after you have made your decision, you can start khổng lồ exchange money

In Vietnam, the currency we use is theViet Nam Dong (VND). The notes are 1,000; 2,000; 5,000; 10,000; trăng tròn,000; 50,000; 100,000; 200,000 and 500,000. US Dollars are accepted in many establishments like restaurants và hotels, but it will be more expensive than to lớn pay in Dong as the exchange rate is calculated & rounded up by the vendors in their best interest, not yours.

In everyday exchange, Vietnamese usually omit the thousands. So 1,000 will be said as 1 (or 1K); 100,000 will be said as 100 (or 100K) and so on. Keep that in mind so the next time you bargain or ask for the price of something, you won’t be confused by the responses.

One more thing, the 20,000 note, và the 500,000 note look vaguely similar because of the xanh shade. The differences are the numbers on the obverse, the print on the reverse, the shades of blue on each note and most noticeably the form size of the note. Please pay special attention khổng lồ this so you don’t make the mistake of paying the wrong note và get taken advantage of by bad people out there.


VND đôi mươi,000 and VND 500,000 notes

It is also advisable to lớn calculate the amount of VND you will receive with the calculator on your phone, count the money you receive before you leave the exchange spots, và get a receipt of the transactions in case you find errors. Once you leave sầu the place, it will be harder for you to lớn make complaints.

Like in a safe investment, you wouldn’t want to put all of your assets into lớn one place. Having too much cash on you might lead to lớn some complications, lượt thích getting pickpocketed perhaps (Although if you got pickpocketed, losing money might be the least of your concern), or losing some money when exchanging Dong baông xã to Dollars at the kết thúc of your trip. That means you don’t have to lớn carry a big wad of cash with you. However, in many money exchange spots in Ho Chi Minch City, the more you exchange, the better rate you will get. So, it’s vital lớn plan ahead how much cash you need lớn hold in h&. The kind of notes you get is important too.

Due to lớn the nature of the strong US Dollars (or Euros & British Pounds), after an exchange, you will probably hold a hefty amount of Viet Nam Dong. Holding too many smaller notes will lead lớn the wad of cash situation. After all, you are traveling, not going to the strip club. But having only big notes, lượt thích the 500,000 ones may entice bad people out there lớn try và scam you. So try khổng lồ find a balance, if possible, ask the exchange spot khổng lồ give sầu you the notes you want. Or better, you can find a reliable native to lớn help you during the transactions, lượt thích our professional tour guide for example.

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At the airport exchange places, it’s simple and convenient, you give sầu them your currency và you receive baông xã what it worth in Vietnam giới Dong. The ngân hàng will require your passport, airline ticket, and also inquire about your purpose of currency exchange. Depkết thúc on the purpose, the amount of money you can exchange will vary. Gold shops are also as simple & as fast as airport exchange places. They work on a ‘’cash in cash out’’ basis. You give sầu them money and they exchange it for you immediately without any needs of documents, much lượt thích the airport exchange places.

At the ATM, you can use your debit or credit thẻ to withdraw your money. The dispensed money will be in Viet Nam Dong. However, this should be used as a last resort for various reasons like high withdrawal fee (around 1 lớn 3 percent), low maximum withdrawal limit (VND 2,000,000 per day). Foreign banks lượt thích HSBC, Standard Chartered, CitiBank have sầu a higher maximum withdrawal limit but still with the accommodating high fee.