If you’re trying to find out where to reloj UEFA Champions liga on U.S. TV, you’ve come to the right place.

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Last updated: honorable 26, 2021

The UEFA Champions liga is the most exciting and prestigious yearly sociedad competition in the entire world. The European competition pits los top teams representar around los continent against each other. Powerhouse teams such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Liverpool y Real la capital de españa regularly feature in los mammoth tournament.

To show how generalizado the eventualmente it, the 2014/15’s champions League por último was perceived by an estimated 180 million viewers from over doscientos countries. Comparatively, thee Super bowl tends to traction in one audience of ciento sesenta million.

Meanwhile, many label the europa League uno secondary tournament. Also then, ns number of historic y prominent clubs repetitively dominate ns knockout stages. Because that example, Sevilla, Manchester United, Arsenal, Roma and other teams across Europe regularly feature in ns quarterfinals and semifinals.


Where to mirar UEFA Champions liga on us TV

CBS sports is now the nuevo rights-holder because that both the UEFA champions League and Europa liga in los United States. Ns English-language broadcaster has the verdad through the fin of the 2023/24 season con every single game being accessible via the Paramount+ streaming platform.

Gone are los days of fox Sports and TNT/Bleacher Report having los rights.

For Spanish-language broadcasts, Univision/TUDN has los rights, which deserve to be streamed vía fuboTV. Additionally, all UEFA Champions league matches will atmósfera live across Univision’s platforms this season, including more than 80 on straight networks Univision, UniMás, TUDN y Galavisión. (The 2018-2019 UEFA Champions liga on los Univision networks was most-watched edition in los competition’s background on U.S. Television, regardless of language, reaching nearly 22.2 million).

Group Stage coverage of ns tournament typically starts in September each year.

Or, Paramount+ is at this time offering a free 7-day trial so you can test drive the streaming service.

Where to respecto UEFA europea League on us TV

In un seismic shift in just how consumers are readily available UEFA champion League and Europa league matches in the United States, very few of ns games will be featured on U.S. English-language television (it’ll be on Paramount+). Los paid-streaming service Paramount+, only $4.99 per month, will certainly stream every UEFA champion League and Europa League game throughout ns entire season.

CBS sports Network will certainly televise pick UEFA Champions liga games throughout ns season. Univision broadcasts los Spanish-language coverage of los tournament on U.S. Television.

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Beginning with the conclusion of ns 2019/20 season of ns UEFA champions League and Europa League, CBS sporting activities will broadcast the competitions top top U.S. Television and streaming. On ns Spanish-language side, Univision will proceed to broadcast the UEFA tournaments.

Looking to reloj Champions League online from your office, casa or on ns go? If friend live in ns United States, there room several choices to catch all ns action.

We Recommend:

U.S. Only.


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How to listen to the Champions League

Starting this season, UEFA is broadcasting two matches per trabaja live with audio only via a servicio called UEFA Matchday Live. It’s gift streamed live on ns UEFA champion website y the UEFA champion App.

Furthermore, los broadcasts feature ns host, who takes ns broadcast desde the featured complement to one of the other matches when a goal happens.

Also, choose UEFA Champions liga matches will also air across the nación on the TUDN Radio network y the TUDN Radio channel top top SiriusXM.

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Finally, many pubs/sports bars atmósfera live champions League and Europa liga matches throughout ns season. Moreover, part European club websites also provide a list the supporter groups here in America, along with each specific city’s home pub.