Jaguar i pace precio

Highs Quick y serene operation, graceful y engaging control manners, branding y styling make uno statement. Short Brake pedal has uneven feedback, underachieving selection in the verdadero world, sluggish 240-volt charging time. Verdict the I-Pace is one exciting selection among electric vehicles, but it"s not a game changer.


The dos mil veintidos Jaguar I-Pace is a fascinating all-electric crossover the looks good y drives well. Its deluxe designation y price will limit its mainstream popularity, yet there"s alguno denying that the I-Pace"s futuristic facade captures the imagination. This ute boasts one EPA-rated variety of doscientos cincuenta y tres miles add to fast-charging capability and instantaneous acceleration. Los I-Pace also handles an ext like un sports automóvil than un five-seat crossover, with its regulated demeanor and tactile steering. Inside, ns Jag shows off with cutting-edge design, ample passenger space, and generalizado features. Although that fell brief of its asserted driving variety in ours real-world test and was slow-moving to charge using a common outlet, the 2022 I-Pace proves the EVs can be electrifying in various other ways.

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What"s new for 2022?

After omitted the 2021 model year, Jaguar gives los I-Pace a handful that improvements. It currently offers ns complimentary 4G datos plan, un 360-degree camera system, y wireless charging. Los optional Bright package adds chrome exterior trim, Atlas grey accents, y other minor styling changes. Inside, there"s a nuevo infotainment device that"s claimed to be simpler to operate than ns one the replaces. Plus, that gains uno feature the tells friend where los nearest charging station are y how largo it must take come restore los battery. The I-Pace also receives un 11.0-kW onboard charger that delivers quicker at-home charging than the old 7.0-kW version. Now, it"ll take you 8.6 hours to fully recharge ns dead battery matches 12.6 hrs before, according to Jaguar.

Pricing and Which One come Buy

The dos mil veintidos I-Pace is now only available in ns previously top-of-the-line HSE trim. However, it"s now $11k cheaper 보다 before, with ns starting price that"s practically identical to los previous bases model. Ns HSE comes standard with an selection of active la seguridad features, consisting of adaptive cruise control y lane-keeping assist, and it likewise sports ns powerful premium audio system, ns head-up display, leather upholstery, 16-way power front seats with heated and cooled cushions, un power-operated liftgate, y 20-inch wheels.

Engine, Transmission, y Performance

The I-Pace boasts standard all-wheel drive thanks to two electric motors that produce a combined trescientos noventa y cuatro horsepower and quinientos doce pound-feet of torque. That energy provides quick and effortless acceleration come zip between ciudad stoplights and pass slowpokes on the highway. Ns I-Pace has a comfortable journey courtesy of its standard air suspension as well as satisfying steering feedback. Uno hefty battery load beneath the floor provides ns low center of gravity that gives ns electrified Jag an adicional dose the agility y stability. While the version us tested to be unquestionably fun to drive, its uneven braking habits when coming to un stop was a shortcoming.


Range, Charging, y Battery Life

Every I-Pace features un 90.0-kWh battery fill that gives an EPA-rated driving variety of 253 miles. For comparison, los Audi e-tron has an estimated selection of increase to 204 miles y the Tesla model X, increase to doscientos noventa y cinco miles. Still, los electric Jag includes un standard DC fast-charging port that allows ochenta percent that its battery to it is in replenished in as tiny as cuarenta minutes. Those without accessibility to the fastest charging option will have to wait ns claimed 8.6 hrs to fully replenish the battery using ns more common 240-volt AC outlet. This is an improvement over último year"s model, which required almost 13 hours to charge this way. Ns difference? Jaguar upgraded los I-Pace"s onboard charger desde a 7.0-kW unit come one con 11.0 kilowatts.

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Fuel Economy and Real-World MPG

The government approximates the 2022 I-Pace will certainly get 80 MPGe in ns city, setenta y dos MPGe on the highway, and setenta y seis MPGe combined. If those ratings are comparables with ns e-Tron"s, they"re substantially lower than the modelo X"s. The last I-Pace us ran on our 75-mph highway fuel-economy route, which is component of our extensive trial and error regimen, achieved sesenta y cuatro MPGe—8 listed below its very own highway rating and 3 MPGe less than ns e-tron earned. (We haven"t tested a model X on our real-world route.) For much more information about the I-Pace"s fuel economy, visit los EPA"s website.

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Interior, Comfort, y Cargo

Jaguar complements the I-Pace"s stylish exterior with a sophisticated cabin that boasts a flashy dashboard y ample passenger space. While the front seats are nicely bolstered, they"re not ns most comfortable on an extensive trips. Of course, los I-Pace can be outfitted con many preferable features such together four-zone climate control, a head-up display, boil front y rear seats, various options of animal leather upholstery, and more. The cubby storage is highlighted by un versatile centrar console that features ns useful envase under ns armrest y a tray below the center stack. In los back, we managed to fit 7 carry-on suitcases in the cargo area and dieciocho with ns rear seat folded.