Hospital de san juan

type": "TouristAttraction","name": "Hospital del San Juan","description": "Hospital de San juan in Granada, Spain -papposo sight map, attraction information, photo y list the walking tourism containing this attraction. Gain offline map and directions making use of our self-guided go tours app for her mobile device.","hasMap": "","address": "

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type": "PostalAddress","addressLocality": "Granada","addressCountry": "Spain","publicAccess": true,"isAccessibleForFree": true,"availableLanguage": "

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type": "GeoCoordinates","latitude": "37.180046","longitude": "-3.603542"}All CitiesBecome uno GuideArticlesshow_user_acc_blk(1);show_js_inner();#tour_pg .gradient_block width:100%; clear:both; padding:3%; box-sizing:border-box; background-image: linear-gradient(to top, #dfe9f3 0%, white 100%) Hospital después San Juan, GranadaThe san Juan ese Dios centro de salud is situated on the carreteras San Juan después Dios, in the centre of Granada. It was established in the sixteenth century y is named in honour of localidades folk hero, Juan ciudad Duarte. Ns humble bookseller, he devoted his life to caring for los sick and needy of Granada following ns religious revelation. Duarte was later on canonized, becoming smo Juan de Dios, or Saint john of God. With los support that donations from the city’s wealthy center classes, juan Duarte founded a charity to administer longer term assistance for Granada’s vulnerable citizens. It to be this money that payment for los design y construction of los hospital.The hospital is quiet in operation, y is the ciudad centre’s largest y most important tratamiento médico centre. The original centro de salud building is open up to ns public at alguno admission cost, y has become ns very ancha tourist attraction. This is as result of its fine Renaissance architecture design. Attributes of particular interest include los elegant rock façade, y two colourful patios uncovered within the building, depicting lugares landscape scenes. The hospital has been broadened in recent times y most tratamiento médico facilities are now housed in ns modern extension buildings.Image by Balbo on Wikimedia debajo Creative Commons License.Want come visit this sight? Check out these Self-Guided Walking tours in Granada. Alternatively, you deserve to download the mobile application " go in 1K+ Cities" from iTunes app Store or Google Play. Los app transforms your mobile device to a personal tour guide and it works offline, so cuales data destinadas is needed when travel abroad.Download los AppHospital después San despues de ansan on MapCreate Your own Self-Guided walk to Visit This Sightjarr = "pins":<<"37.180046","-3.603542","Hospital después San Juan","0">>,"path":<>;Sight Name: Hospital ese San JuanSight Location: Granada, Spain (See walking tours in Granada)Sight Type: Attraction/LandmarkGuide(s) include This Sight:Granada's architecture Jewels Walking tourism in Granada, SpainCreate her Own caminar in GranadaCreating your own self-guided walk in Granada is easy y fun. Select the city attractions the you desire to see and a caminar route mapa will be created just for you. You can even set your hotel as the start punto of the walk.Albayzín wade TourThe Moorish 4 minutes 1 of Albaycín is a world that its very own inside Granada. Mainly, this is early to a strong Islamic vibe still current in ns area. The city's oldest district was created by Arabs in the 11th century y to day has retained lot of its initial charm, materialized in ns neat maze of narrow medieval lanes, shady, intimate courtyards y squares, plus un multitude that well-kept,... View moreTour Duration: dos Hour(s)Travel Distance: 2.5 kilometres or 1.6 MilesAlhambra wade TourOne of the first places un tourist desires to visit in Granada is Alhambra, los region’s most iconic sight. By much not a typically Spanish attraction, this massive fortress incorporates palaces, gardens, courtyards, y is ns greatest surviving relic that Andalusia’s ochocientos years of Moorish rule. Los sprawling complex sits forbiddingly atop the Darro valley, against un dramatic background of the... See moreTour Duration: 2 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 2.0 kilometres or 1.2 MilesGranada's architectural JewelsOver ns course of centuries, Granada's style has been influenced by four significant styles – Moorish, Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque. The city’s most impressive structures date desde the duration of Arabic rule y the succeeding Catholic epoch which started delaware the Moors were displaced in 1492.From ns dazzling majesty of the Alhambra to the awe-inspiring churches y the subtly... View moreTour Duration: 2 Hour(s)Travel Distance: 3.5 kilometres or 2.2 MilesGranada arrival Walking TourThe story of the ciudad of Granada does no properly start until the Umayyad conquest of setecientos once AD. Ns Iberian peninsula fell debajo Moorish ascendancy that would last 700 years y the Jewish settlement of Garnata al-Jahud thrived to come to be Granada of Al-Andalus.The long Reconquest that Spain finally ended when ns Emirate of Granada was delivered by Mohammad XII to los Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand II of Aragon... 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