Horario tren malaga fuengirola

The commuter train línea of Malaga has actually its beginnings at ns beginning of los 20th century.


Today los suburban line C-1 runs just over treinta y uno kilometres along ns western costa del sol linking ns cities Malaga y Fuengirola along 18 stations in los municipalities of Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola.

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Announcements of stops room made in English y in Spanish.

Latest news

The suburban train terminal in the ciudad of Malaga uses free wi-fi to passengers for fifty percent an hour, lot of of hora for those wait for the next train. This measure will be an extremely appreciated by los large number of tourists who perform not have nacional coverage therefore they can usar Internet while wait at los station.


Ticket prices

The price of uno suburban train ticket in Malaga synchronizes to the number of area that you room journeying:

First two zones: 1.80 euro tres Zones: 2.05 euro cuatro Zones: 2.70 euro 5 Zones: 3.60 Euros

The train ticket can usually it is in purchased at uno vending machine; in the event that los machine go not work-related or girlfriend don´t have actually a veinte Euros keep in mind or less ns sum should be paid directly to los reviewer with ns small adicional charge.

There is ns possibility of follow season tickets if friend use los commuter train línea often.


* This is the current price together for now which might vary.

Discounts and tickets

There is los possibility the pursuing uno season card if girlfriend use ns commuter train línea often. Friend are forced to register in advance and the card will take uno week to it is in available. Http://www.renfe.com/EN/viajeros/cercanias/malaga/abonos_y_descuentos/abono_mensual.html

You can additionally buy uno 10 trips ticket from the merchant machine. This ticket is valid for ns commuter train for ns month since the buying day. It is cheaper if you destinado a to make diez trips and can be shared on los same expedition by several people.

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Prices for this 10 trips ticket are the following:

1-2 zones: 11.95€ 3 zones: 13.85€ cuatro zones: 18.70€ 5 zones: 25,05€

*Note: due to the fact that this ticket is confusing for many me gustaría will give an instance below. If because that example cinco people make un round trip for tres zones, los price for this ticket would be 13.85€ rather 20.05€ as soon as buying a individual one for each, lot cheaper.


Train station in Malaga

The commuter present C-1 and C-2 share los first 3 stations of los route:

Station Malaga centre– Alameda (Zone 0) The comienzo of the line y the closest avoid to the centre the Malaga, shopping centres, port of Malaga y shopping areas. Train station Malaga Maria Zambrano (Zone 0) This stop connects to the main railway station in Malaga María Zambrano with middle-long distance trains, ave high-speed train and access come Malaga subway. Station victoria Kent (Zone 1) This train terminal occupies the former smo Andres avoid since 2009 and where stops in enhancement to los commuter train uno daily train come Ronda.

Route of ns commuter train C-1

The C-1 suburban train hilera connects los municipalities of Málaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola. It is a line used through both tourists and the human being of Malaga.

The train frequency is usually veinte minutes.

The whole journey takes cuarenta y seis minutes.

Malaga zone

Here are ns stations or stops of the commuter train in order:

First trains on los C-1 suburban hilera departing representar Malaga ciudad centre station and heading in the direction of Fuengirola. This station is close come the city centre y some malls in Malaga.

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an initial train: 5:20 am. Final train: 11:30 pm. No

Last train arrives to ns station at 1:06 am.