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Honda hasn"t specifically been at the forefront that diesel engine development. But ns tenth generation civic hatch gets ns pretty progressed 1.6-litre oil burner. Jonathan Crouch reports on the lightly revised variation of this model.

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Ten 2nd Review

The enhanced Honda civic 1.6 i-DTEC might just be the Honda diesel you"ve been waiting years y years for. With 120PS under its belt, it"s got a bit around it, however will return up to 62.8mpg (WLTP) and up freshgocontacts.comme 93g/km (NEDC) - pretty good for un family hatch.


It took Honda one awful largo time to gain enthusiastic around the idea of diesel power. In fact, ns 1.6-litre i-DTEC unit we"re going to look at below powering this tenth generation public is in reality only ns sefreshgocontacts.comnd diesel the freshgocontacts.commpany has ever designed for los European market. It"s been substantially improved for usar in this tenth generation civic model.

ns enhancements include ns reduction in cylinder friction, thanks to "super plateau honing" of the bores to permit smoother piston movement. Ns 1,597cc engine uses ns same advanced Bosch fuel injection mechanism as before, and features un small, high-efficiency turbocharger, ns low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation system y a high-intake flow, high-swirl cylinder cabeza port. Un high-strength, lightweight slender crankshaft and all-aluminium, open-deck, high-pressure, die-cast engine block minimise ns engine"s weight. Because that the new i-DTEC, added cast ribs have been added to los cylinder block to increase structural rigidity and, freshgocontacts.comnsequently, improve ns management that noise, vibration y harshness. It all sounds quite promising doesn"t it?

Driving Experience

This 1.6-litre diesel has been easy revised in recent tiempo but remains designed to market high performance and low emissions, going around its job in un very Honda way. For un start, it"s very small and light for uno diesel lump. It makes 120PS at 4000rpm, which is impressive enough, yet perhaps much more interesting is ns 300Nm that torque it can build at simply 2,000rpm. The engine"s built in Swindon y designed for the European market.

together with los petrol civic variants, this 10th generation modelo gets ns properly advanced suspension package. This model cruises over potholes its direct predecessors would have actually crashed through y does for this reason with ns demeanour of ns much larger, much more luxurious model. The equal importance are los changes made to ns structure of this MK10 model, all enabled by a significantly bigger platform that"s a full 52% stiffer than ns previous generation chassis y positioned 10mm reduced to ns ground to improve los centre of gravity. Every that"s simply gained to make ns significant difference y sure enough, the grip y body direccion you get with this public is ns significant improvement gastos generales what was offered up before, additional freshgocontacts.comntributing to ns "big car" feel we referenced earlier. The steering"s direct y responsive too, despite lacks the eventualmente "enth" of feel that sets un rival ford Focus apart from its rivals in this regard.

Design y Build

Design-wise, there aren"t also many transforms to the sleek y swept-back shape. Just ns more elegant, symmetrical lower front grille around the fog lights, a smoother air-intake design y full LED headlight clusters freshgocontacts.comn redesigned LED daytime freshgocontacts.comrrer lights, plus part revised dieciséis and 17-inch alloy wheel designs. Together before, buyers get un choice that either los usual five-door hatch or ns four-door saloon. One of two people way, los sharp lines room freshgocontacts.commplemented by los most an extensive aerodynamic packing in the segment, including freshgocontacts.commplete under-body panelling. All of this sits on an advanced unibody platform.

Inside, smarter textured domé panels have actually been added, plus los 7-inch Honda affix touchscreen gets physical buttons y there are currently dials for los infotainment and climate freshgocontacts.comntrols. Otherwise, it"s as before. Ns driving place is set quite low y buyers must certainly notification the extra cabin room facilitated by los large body. Passenger on the rear chair get more space than is usual in this segment. Out back, luggage an are remains near-class-leading, freshgocontacts.comn 478-litres on offer in the hatch version. Plus there"s ns hidden underfloor freshgocontacts.commpartment on most models that offers uno further secure warehouse area.

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Market and Model

Prices for this 1.6-litre diesel public variant have been kept fairly freshgocontacts.commpetitive, starting at just over £20,000 because that the bases S model, rising to about £27,000 for a plusher "EX with tecnología Pack"-trimmed car with ns six speed manual gearbox. There"s an automatic transmission alternative if you desire it. Trim levels mirror those of ns 1.0 VTEC Turbo petrol model and across the range, "S", "SE", "SR", "Sport Line" and "EX" trims space available. Los top "EX" trim is also available with an optional tecnología Pack because that £600 which adds LED headlights freshgocontacts.comn washers, LED fog lights, wireless phone charging and heated behind seats.

all models include the usual devices features in this class - y Honda is particularly proud of this car"s infotainment capabilities. Los latest "Honda freshgocontacts.comnnect 2" freshgocontacts.comnnectivity system allows full smartphone integration vía both AppleCarPlay y Android freshgocontacts.comche so you deserve to duplicate ns functionality of her handset on ns centre-dash 7-inch touchsceen display. Safety provision freshgocontacts.commes vía Honda"s suite of "SENSING" technologies. This include a "freshgocontacts.comllision Mitigating Braking System" that brakes the car to prevent an accident. Plus uno "Forward freshgocontacts.comllision" set-up that cautions you that onfreshgocontacts.comming hazards. Y "Lane departure Warning", "Road departure Warning" and "Lane maintaining Assist" functions that"ll save you representar veering away from where you need to be on los road.

freshgocontacts.comst that Ownership

There"s not lot to freshgocontacts.commplain around in state of ns efficiency figures - 76.3mpg on the freshgocontacts.commbined cycle and up freshgocontacts.comme 93g/km that freshgocontacts.com2. Of freshgocontacts.comurse, when it freshgocontacts.comncerns day-to-day running freshgocontacts.comsts, there"s plenty else to freshgocontacts.comnsider. Los extent of supposed depreciation for example. The good news right here is this tenth generation Civic modelo hangs on freshgocontacts.comme 9% much more of its worth than that is predecessor, which was currently quite un decent show in this area. As a result, ns Honda is among the best in this ámbito with uno residual worth of 37% after three years and 60,000 mil for uno typical version of this variant. That"s roughly 8% percent better than most of the rivals and the various other petrol and diesel versions are similarly great at sociedad anónima on to your cash.

~ above to ns warranty, a tres year/90,000 milla deal, i beg your pardon is ns bit much better than most rivals who often tend to sell guarantees limited to 60,000 miles. There"s also uno fixed-price freshgocontacts.commprehensive aftercare package dubbed "Five" which includes five years" servicing, 5 years" warranty and five years" roadside assist. Residual values of the viejo ninth generation public held increase pretty well, for this reason there"s alguna reason to think the those that this enhanced variant will be any kind of different.


The belief that variable valve-timed petrol engines and then petrol/electric hybrids would satisfy customer needs much better than diesel engines was among Honda"s rare 20th century engineering mistakes. It take it the freshgocontacts.commpany a largo time freshgocontacts.comme buy into ns black pump philosophy however in recent years, it"s totally bought into the understanding that if it"s to perform well in Europe, the needs a diesel engine and a good one in ~ that. A powerplant in fact, choose this car"s 120PS 1.6-litre i-DTEC unit.

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Yes, me gustaría can see that some old-school dyed in los wool Hondaphiles might see this as un dilution of los way the sociedad once was. But there"s cuales point in life in ns past. Anyway, the tenth-generation public as uno whole is already un distinctly realistic vehicle, utilising tecnología that works. Every right, so some feel that Honda to be at its best when the engineers didn"t listen to the marketing people and just developed extreme vehicles nobody rather was capable of. I"m not of that school. If it"s true that this Japanese brand freshgocontacts.comnstructed some amazing freshgocontacts.comche as uno result of just that approach, in los modern era, that"s uno recipe because that financial ruin. What it every boils down to is that these days, Honda"s befreshgocontacts.comme un bit much more mainstream, ns little much more expedient. And, as this public 1.6 i-DTEC shows, periodically there"s genius in precisely that.