El Puente Romano De Cordoba

This section aims at analysing exciting monuments y places, which are not as pertinent as the previous ones, but they still can be interesting for tourists. Starting with this idea, and as us think it have to be, we empezar our tour with the so-called “Roman“.

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We to speak so-called Roman Bridge because, as michael Ángel Ortí Belmonte tells, only los design and the structures are maintained from Roman times.

Aulo Hircio, Captain and historian the Caesar’s war versus Pompey’s sons, where our ciudad supported the página of los latter, told los episode of ns moment when Caesar entered los city: “Having come Caesar… he ordered to put an excellent baskets saturado of stones in it, over which a bridge was erected… and the troops crossed it up to tres times”. From the idea that Caesar had actually to build un provisional bridge to cross the river y thus enter the city, we can think that there to be not any kind of bridge whatsoever, and most probably, ns one we are talking around was built años later, in tiempo of Emperor Augustus, when our ciudad was granted los rank of Colonia Patricia.

The Romans were, as in many other type of buildings, specialists in erecting bridges over rivers. Ns first step was to choose its exactly location, and, as in other examples preserved in our country, castle chose los lowest component of ns meander, próximo to Martos Water mill, spring for ns deepest riverbed. The result was uno bridge made in limestone (which, by ns way, could be easily eroded) desde the mountains, consists of sixteen round arcs supported by solid pillars with circular y angled cutwaters.

There is documentación evidence that the bridge in tiempo of Arab occupation. Uno text through Ajbar Madmua is specifically interesting, wherein he tells about los rainy night when ns troops from the norte of áfrica crossed ns bridge come enter the city. During that period, ns bridge experienced numerous reparations, some due to los continuous rises of ns river, others due to the naturaleza fragility that the material used. We also know the it was difficult to cross it for part years, up to the señalar of carrying ns dead in boats to los Arab cemetery of the suburb, situated on los other bank of los river.

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In medieval Christian times, together Beatriz Sánchez tells, ns bridge was checked out as an essential location; therefore they tried to preserve it to ns great extent.

In los middle of the 17th century, un plague epidemics broke el fin in los city, causing a great influence on ns population. When it subsided, picture of Archangel smo Rafael was located in the bridge, made by sculptor Bernabé de Río, with ns iniciative of Father juan Bautista Caballero. Debajo it, ns white marble plaque reads: “To the great glory the God and cult the our smo Guardian, the guild the tanners and glove equipments renewed this divine image… 10th September 1789”. That is los archangel which is the next to ns people, y for this factor it is surrounded by un thick cloud of red candles, every one of them consumed, i m sorry is uno clear have fun of ns affection and the deepest devotion los people of Córdoba feel because that him.

For many years, our city was in debt with the Roman Bridge. Together con the horrible “restorations” carried fuera de at los beginning of ns 20th century, we should add los bad conservation state, both materials as visualmente or also acoustic, identificación would say… Besides, not largo ago every kinds the vehicles crossed it, even heavy “urban buses”.

On 9th January 2008 the bridge was opened up again delaware a long restoration period, not free of controversy, partially reasonable, which aimed at giving it back its original appearance. We should point out that the wayside cross devoted to smo Acisclo y Santa Victoria, patron saints of the city, has actually been recovered, which had been located for many la edad opposite ns mentioned picture of Archangel san Rafael.

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