for those con a cabeza for heights, "El Caminito después Rey" is a de verdad life adventure. However, for others who gain dizzy looking abajo from los heights, Google calle View y Google planet offer ns perfect alternative.

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"El Caminito de Rey" (or ns King"s tiny Pathway in English) is ns hiking trail that winds roughly sheer rock walls above ns gorge in ns Chorro, close to Álora in ns Málaga province of southern Spain.

While it was first created to allow workers access to ns hydroelectric strength plants at Gaitanejo Falls and Chorro Falls, it ultimately became popular with hikers and rock mountain climbing as un scary y scenic aerial walkway.

Created between mil novecientos uno and 1905, this scenic route acquired its name when king Alfonso XIII self walked ns pathway come inaugurate ns then new dadeip infantil del Guadalhorce dam espalda in 1921.

The concrete and metal pathway at some point fell right into disrepair and delaware five world died traversing that between mil novecientos noventa y nueve and 2000, it to be closed to ns public.

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As have the right to be watched in the photo on the right, part daredevils, mainly piedra climbers, still walked ns dangerous walk, however only in ~ their own risk.

Eventually that was decided by the Andalusian Government come renovate and recreate los winding walkways y the new "El Caminito de Rey" officially opened up in in march 2015. An ext recently, ns whole hiking course was uploaded come Google calle View

Da un paseo virtual por el sendero hasta luego peligroso ese mundo http://t.co/ItaK3EngXi

— ns Huffington artículo (
ElHuffPost) July 21, 2015

— el Huffington post (
ElHuffPost) July 21, 2015

Tweet translation: Take a virtual tour of the world"s most dangerous trail

However, those not planning on visiting Spain can now, thanks to Google and as reported on the Local, do ns entire King"s little Pathway en línea using Google street View.

With paths only uno maximum that 3-feet wide, you are probably wondering exactly how on planet they got the Google street View automóvil around los pathway. Well ns answer is lock couldn"t, for this reason Google supplied "the trekker", which is basically un backpack with a cámara system perched top top top, allowing the operators to move through narrow areas only easily accessible on foot.

Google street View permite recorrer los sendero Caminito ese Rey (Málaga) http://t.co/wSuJ251oh2 pic.twitter.com/8G9b7UVcrQ

— Portaltic.es (
Portaltic) July 20, 2015

— Portaltic.es (
Portaltic) July 20, 2015

Tweet translation: Google calle View enables you come travel the path that Caminito ese Rey (Málaga)

Experience the now safe, however still scary, "El Caminito de Rey" in los video below or cabeza over to Google calle View to experience the walkway in ~ your own pace.

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