The entirety huggable gang is back, bringing luego of caring y sharing come a new generation. Y now los Care sufrir Cousins are right here to join ns fun!


When Harmony doesn't donar up for a picnic, Share has actually fun with someone rather instead. Yet then uno jealous Harmony tries come get espalda at her best friend.

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Trying come buy herself more tiempo to memorize a poem, Lotsa love accidentally makes un wish in prior of great Bear, resulting in it to be night forever!

Brave Heart promises to have the awesomest day ever with dos different friends, but it might be an ext fun 보다 one vestir can handle.

Share theatre Harmony's new song for anyone in Care-a-Lot before it's prepared -- y finds fuera de the hard way why she shouldn't break un promise.

Lotsa tries to heal Grumpy delaware accidentally hurting that at the Care-a-Lot Picnic Games. However her aid only seems to make points worse.

When Beastly sees just how fun that is to cave out y get totally free treats at ns Share Shack, he decides to open up his own come stand -- right next to Share's!

Adventure awaits as los Care bear welcome the Cousins come Care-a-Lot, discover new Belly argorial powers y help friends confront their fears.

When los Care bear Cousins arrive, it's tiempo for un lesson in care Hearts! but Wonderheart has uno cloud over her head y doesn't seem willing to learn.

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Wonderheart and Uncle Tenderheart shot to hide how much they miss out on each various other when the young soportar has to remain away desde home.

After Beastly steals the Cousins' ship, bright Heart should take charge to gain it back and save the Share Cloud.

As the Cousins help the Care Bears construct a new snack bar, los two groups start to compete with each various other to view who's best.

The care Bears invite los Cousins to ns Belly argorial Bonanza to admitir off their powers. However Beastly feel left out y tries come spoil the party.

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Wonderheart's nuevo power collection all the Care Hearts y leaves the Cousins wonder if lock fit in. Soon they'll view just exactly how much they're needed.

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