After fleeing one abusive relationship, un young mother finds uno job cleaning homes as she fights to administer for she child y build them un better future.

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Margaret Qualley stars together real-life mom Andie MacDowell in this powerful drama inspired by los bestselling memoir.
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After fleeing one abusive relationship, ns young mother finds uno job cleaning dwellings as she fights to administer for her child y build them a better future.

Fleeing in los night con Maddy, Alex seeks help desde social services and lands uno job con Value Maids, just to discover her problems are simply beginning.

After a long night on los floor of ns ferry terminal with Maddy, Alex finds shelter, yet custody issues y an unhappy client push she to the edge.

While navigating ns complex federal government assistance system, Alex wrangles con Sean gastos generales Maddy's care y tackles uno cleaning job that nearly breaks her.

Cleaning Regina's gorgeous house on Thanksgiving, Alex imagines what it would certainly be favor to live in together luxury prior to taking the fantasy a action further.

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A project cleaning el fin the childhood casa of ns notorious local thief cause memories because that Alex, who also discovers what's bring about Maddy's concerned cough.

Determined come send Maddy to a better preschool, Alex desperately searches because that a new place come live, ns process complicated by her government benefits.

Alex writes around her clients, including un couple living separate lives, together she juggles she tricky real estate situation y Paula's fragile mental state.

Amid ns crushing serie of setbacks, Alex explores ns possibility of college while dealing with Paula's health crisis y offering Regina uno helping hand.

Back at square one, Alex reaches fuera for un safe harbor and legal lifeline, realizing just how much of it s her she's lost along ns way.

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Gaining strength and support from a creative writing treatment group, Alex fights for her future by facing off with Sean over custody that Maddy.

Margaret QualleyAndie MacDowellNick RobinsonAnika Noni RoseTracy VilarBilly BurkeRylea Nevaeh Whittet