Como Cocinar Tofu Mercadona

Are friend planning to chef at home this Christmas? In ours booklet, you will find los best recipes to provide your loved ones the best. You have the right to download the here:

A careful selection of dishes including:

no Appetisers. Fish and seafood. Meat. Desserts. This year, we space launching a nuevo dessert ar with ideas to fin your Christmas food selection in style. No

Follow ns step-by-step instru...

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This Christmas season we"re cooking to provide you los best. Discover our Christmas dishes do in ns traditional style y bring them casa ready to heat and serve. Download our Booklet here and discover every little thing you’ll uncover in Ready-to-Eat this Christmas season.

Which Christmas dishes have the right to you uncover in Ready-to-Eat?


PVP: 12€

½ Roasted Suckling Pig:



What are you thinking of cooking this Christmas? If you’re going to celebrate this year’s festivities at home, right here are a few suggestions so you can enjoy an appetising y original meal.

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Like every year, is right here to aid you con this fragile task that requires so much thought y planning.

Learn to cook them. These recipes may be basic to prepare, yet the fin result is important spectacular. You have the right to download our...




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