Cala de san pedro cabo de gata

Route: Outbound: 5.3Km. Ring trip: 10.3 km.Slope: 100 m.Difficulty: Low, return the finalmente access to the cove calls for care and caution. .Duration: One means trip: 1 hour and 25 minutes. Round trip: 2 hours and treinta minutes.Start: los Negras.Arrival: Cala después San Pedro.

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Time that year: Any, although ns seasons an ext prone to bathing, will por favor its finish enjoyment.

Content: We hardly ever have ns opportunity to approach territories the the coche cannot reach. The remoteness of los place, ns most transparent waters you deserve to imagine and the secluded surroundings of Cala después San Pedro, make this route one of los most attractive in every one of Almería.

Type of path: most of ns path. The finalmente stretch that return: dirt road.

Cartographer: MTN 1: 50,000, No. 1046.

About uno hour and 15 minutes ago we started our trip representar the capital, traveling 66 km. Until we enter los heart that the capa de Gata —apoyándose Níjar naturalmente Park and reach the small seaside town of los Negras. Unable to do is ns gold-bearing town of Rodalquilar y the inexcusable protect against at the observatorio de ns Amatistas. The first lights of the morning encourage united state to comienzo our way to what, perhaps, is ns most inaccessible beach in ns province, Cala después San Pedro.

Cala smo Pedro

Cerro Negro las Negras

Under our feet over there is ns clear volcanic rock, characteristic of los entire park y clearly justification by ns proximity the Cerro Negro. Part palm hearts and prickly pera adorn the stark slopes, wherein ocher y earthy color predominate. Ns remains of los formerly thriving Cortijo ese Ricardillo room scattered prior to us. Over there we have the right to see viejo facilities, pools, circular eras y a well, tho in use. Ns palm tree puts the note of color in one attractive late of this closed hundir bottom, in virtually its whole perimeter, through mountains y hills.

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Rellana Cala san Pedro

Next we will see the path that, come our left, marks the próximo section of ns route. There is no further demora we are prepared to take it it. Ns geography the surrounds us is continually changing. Erosive colors, materials and shapes succeed or juxtapose, limestone, volcanic and sedimentary rocks intermingle in un harmonious «chaos».

On our horizon appears los Rellana después San Pedro, con its common tabular relief debajo which, we intuit, ns cove of los same surname is hidden.

The path does no pose any type of possibility that loss because of its frequent and continuous use. Little by little, we discover ns entire coast that we have actually left behind, representar Punta Polacra and the belvedere de los Amatistas, to ns one that appears next to us.

Perhaps this are the most crystalline waters the we have actually seen in Almería.

Its transparency is such that it allows us come glimpse, with ease, the submerged rocky bottoms near ns cliffs.

The colors: emerald green and cobalt azul intermingle, adorning us with the sparkles that the sun's rays start when they stumble into los mirror that its waters, in an i can not forget image.

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There is a servicio that takes girlfriend by watercraft to Cala smo Pedro representar the city of ns Negras.