Cabo de gata almería

The capa de Gata-Níjar naturalmente Park is many definitely a sight come behold. In despite the of ns many photographs y videos friend may have actually seen that this conservation area, you will certainly be blown far by the majestic sights and sounds it offers when you witness that first-hand. 

It’s daunting for tourists to imagine the such a naturalmente treasure could exist in this corner of the world, together they should travel through a land filled con greenhouses and a desert to reach it. 

The fiery beginnings of the area room still apparent in ns sharp, craggy, piedra formations i m sorry were formed by magma flows corriendo into ns sea. Though time y erosion have actually made your own mark on los rocks, they quiet brighten this component of ns Mediterranean con their colour. When it is ns sunny day, i m sorry is practically every day, los rocks space bathed in sunlight, causing los water come turn a majestic blue. 

Don’t miss the promontorio de Gata lighthouse y Lookout  

An extensive component of the promontorio de Gata-Níjar naturalmente Park is in the municipality the Níjar, i m sorry is the largest municipality in ns province of Almeria. However, another huge chunk that this conservation park falls inside the municipality that Carboneras.

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Hiking trails in Almería

San José-Los Genoveses. 

This trail enables you to take in los beauty that this immaculate beach y its pristine waters. At about cinco km in total, consisting of the regresar trek, this trail is perfect for families with young children.  

Barranco del Hondo y mesa Roldán.

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This hiking trail starts in Carboneras y will take it you top top a diez kilometre course through the park’s interior and along some of its seaside cliffs. It is feasible to extend the trail ns further 1.5 kilometres if girlfriend wish, so that you deserve to visit ns viewpoint overlooking Playa de los Muertos.

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Loma Pelada: no  

This path will take it you ~ above a trece km ring trip. Friend can empezar at either Los Escullos or San Jose y enjoy part of the most beautiful landscapes, sights and, sounds that are discovered in the promontorio de Gata-Níjar naturalmente Park. If you space looking to do this follow in los summer time, us recommend that you begin the hike at an early stage to prevent too much tiempo in the midday sun.

How to get there:

By car: The park is around treinta km from the city of Almeria. By taking los N-340, AL-344 and, ns AL-3115, friend should obtain there within treinta minutes. That is precious noting that uno large number of los sites room only available by walking. By bus: through catching un bus desde the Intermodal Bus terminal in Almeria, girlfriend will have the ability to reach uno number of los villages positioned in the park such as; san José, La Isleta del Moro, los Escullos, ese Albaricoques and, Pozo después los Frailes. From any of those places, friend will be able to get uno taxi to much more specific areas in ns park.