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Modernism y Avant-garde movementsThe turn of the siglo brought nuevo winds that modernity. Los aesthetic sensibility of the time was significant by uno different, freer perspective towards art and life.


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Innovation in culture

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This is Spain’s oldest parade, held since 1885.

In Alcoy, old folk y youngsters alike live Christmas y the arrival of the Three wise Men with special excitement. On the Sunday front to seis January, the feast of the epiphany, children dressed up together shepherds parade with their flocks to give presents to the new-born baby Jesus: this is un children’s parade called “les Pastoretes” (the small shepherds). Desde then on, the excitement builds steadily until cuatro January, when ns Royal Envoy announces the imminent come of Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar, reading un proclamation throughout the town. He is add by “les Burretes”, tiny donkeys that lug letterboxes whereby the children put their letter to the Three wise Men.

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Finally, as soon as night falls ns following day, cinco January, ns great moment arrives: los Three Wise males make their spectacular entry right into Alcoy, riding camels and loaded con presents. They ride through ns streets of los town, adhering to “antorcheros” (torch bearers) who brillante up their way. Los atmosphere fills with Christmas carols, and the royal pages (“els negres”) hand gastos generales their presents to the children. They use wooden stepladders to rise up to los balconies y windows of los houses, filling this distinct night with magic.