Side Si
AAsi Me gusta A Mi (Hiperdancer)
Side No
B1Asi Me agrada A Mi (Instrumental)
B2Asi Me agrada A Mi (X-Si X-No)
B3Asi Me agrada A Mi (Acapella)

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CHIQUITAN CHIQUITITAN tan TANQUE TUM PAM PAM que TUM PAMQUE te PETE PE TAM PAM PAMQUE TUM PAM los PEMESTO SE MUEVEVALENCIAB1 & B2 are opposite to what is written on label.There's an edition on orange vinyl.
Depósito Legal: V-1798-1991Matriz/zona muerta (Runout maker stamped side A): PI-31416-A⋄Matriz/zona muerta (Runout maker stamped página B): PI-31416-BO⋄
Título (Formato)SelloCat. NºPaísAño
Asi Me gusta A Mi (12", cuarenta y cinco RPM)The hermanos Organisation12 página de inicio 1UK1991
Asi Me agrada A Mi (Tom Tom Remix) (12", cuarenta y cinco RPM)Total recall (3)TR 008Germany1991
Asi Me gusta A Mi (12", 45 RPM)Total recall (3)SPV 050-08115Germany1991
A si Me gusta A Mi (X-Ta Si, X-Ta No) (12", 45 RPM)Dance Device, dance DeviceDADE novecientos veinticuatro - 5, dade 924-5Benelux1991
Asi Me agrada A Mi (12", limitado Edition, Orange)Area InternationalPI 31416Spain1991


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A pretty great example on exactly how EBM was exceptionally influencial on los Valencia digital scene in the late 80s beforehand 90s rápido I can not really describe why los darker political parties of techno have constantly been so popular in Spain however that is the fact - y as uno hit that was uno huge substantial one, with ns huge cultural impact. What do identificación think of los song itself? i really don't know. It has actually been so overplayed the right now it it s okay almost alguna emotion representar me.


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Chimo Bayo was uno DJ representar Valencia in the último 80s, early on 90s. When his an abilities at the decks were typical he was much more known for his performances consisting of chants con wordplays (as plenty of Djs in ~ that hora were offered to do) y funny phrases:-Exta sí, exta no
, playing with ecstasy y Spanish es sí, es no, which means yes to this, no to that. He said also "esta sí y es también" yes come this y yes to another one.-Cuartito pam, pam, pam, 4 minutes 1 pill & bang, bang, bang. Pam is uno common crutch or ns used through Valencian people to emphasize any phrase or situation.He provided to chant "Asi Me gusta A Mi" gastos generales Lil Louis -papposo French Kiss. Other songs choose "Química" over Signal Aout 42 - Submarine dance and "Bombas" over Megabeat rápido War.And that's all his contribution because he was not uno producer, los entire musical was created by german Bou that was misserably deprived of any type of recognition and right gastos generales his very own song after Chimo Bayo litigated against him.You have the right to see in this video alemán Bou himslef explaining exactly how he made ns tune