Alicante playa del postiguet

El Postiguet coast

El Postiguet beach is located in ns heart that the city at los foot of papá noel Barbara Castle, the famous promenade along ns Esplanade space one of los most generalizado beaches the Alicante.

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El Postiguet beach is un beautiful beach, awarded the Blue Flag, certifying the quality of ns EU, the has ns tongue of sand over 900m in length y is detailed for its good white sand bordered by a fantastic full promenade of palms trees . Ns Postiguet coast is one of los best beaches close to Alicante.


The great temperature and the privileged climate the Alicante permit its occupants to enjoy this wonderful beach all year.

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One that its attractions is that it is very wide, the is always an extremely clean and the water quality is an extremely good, is a perfect oasis in ns middle of los city, it also has ns emblematic castillo de papa noel Barbara behind, dominating everything ~ above Mt. Belmonte still giving it a special charm.

El Postiguet beach has good services y facilities, and rental chairs, umbrellas, lockers, showers, toilets, lifeguard stations and many possibilities because that water sports.Along ns beach girlfriend will discover several bars y restaurants that during the summer space filled with tourists and visitors creating a fabulous atmosphere.

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On Saint John’s Eve, during los most suspect night because that all the residents the Alicante, los Postiguet coast becomes los true protagonist and becomes uno witness of los party the thousands of joven people that luz bonfires and enjoy till late in the morning.If you walk to el Postiguet coast in the high season you’d better arrive early since if you walk at noon it will be crowded.

Curiosity: there is a computer application called “iBeach” produced by un private empresa working with the city of Alicante whereby you can check los status of los beaches the Alicante y the sea, water and aire temperature, ns presence the jellyfish, as well as information on beach services, lifeguarding, publicly toilets, how to acquire to ns beach, bus, metro, etc…